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  • Sandblasting On Wine Bottles

    Deep tactile feel and high perceived value


    Sandblasted Wine Bottles are one of a kind gift idea that is sure to wow your lucky recipient. Personalized wine bottles make great gift ideas whether your recipient is a wine connoisseur or casual drinker.

    Certainly this process is not for everyday use, however, when a special event is booked, Sandblasting On Wine Bottles can elevate the perception and overall style of the event.  This process uses a photographic reproduction process  that carves deep into the surface of the bottle leaving a tactile feel to the image.  This carving can be colour filled to enhance the carving giving it a very high perceived value. We are able to do a lot of different bottles - not just wine!   Send Inquiry
  • Conique Beer Taster

    Perfectly sized taster glass for beer sampling

      With beer sampling on the rise, glasses like the Conique Beer Taster provide the opportunity to display your logo or message, encouraging the customers to remember your product or establishment.  Set these up on a beer flight, and with the size of the Conique Beer Taster, it will create a great experience for the customer to taste, but will also leave them wanting more. It decorates beautifully with either a coloured logo or perhaps a more subtle approach using etch.  Don't forget that the bottom can also be a great place to present simple colour, or add a message so that the patron can see the logo or information as they finish their beverage. The Conique Beer Taster is 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 3-7/8" tall. It can be decorated with approximately a 2" X 1-3/4" area. Product code: H3387 Send Inquiry  
  • Crown Viking Beer Glass

    A Great Beer Glass To Display Your Message Or Logo

    At 16 ounces, the Crown Viking Beer Glass provides a good size for service.  This glass comfortably holds a full can of beer, and is an ideal size for the tap as well.  It decorates beautifully with either a coloured logo or perhaps a more subtle approach using etch.  Don't forget that the bottom can also be a great place to present simple colour, or add a message so that the patron can see the logo or information as they finish their beverage. Product code: G5389 Send Inquiry  
  • Builder Pizza Peel

    For Pizza Building Trees In Busy Pizza Rooms

    A lot of Pizza Parlours, Restaurants and sports bars find it difficult to keep up with the rush when it comes to that time of day when the place fills up.  So pizza lines were established with someone pre pressing out dough ahead of the builders and cooks improving on the efficiency of the kitchen.  Pressing the dough onto a regular hardwood paddle can eventually create problems with the wood itself with expansion from moisture and then drying.  This Laminated Builder Pizza Peel gives you the great release of wood  when sliding the dough off into the oven and still resists moisture by absorbing it only into the top layer.  That layer being bonded to those below holds everything together for a long lasting Builder Pizza Peel .  They can be custom sized and shaped and can have custom designs lasered into the surface for portion control and/or logos and messages for direct service.   Send Inquiry
  • Black Board Beer Flight

    Use Standard Chalk

    The Black Board Beer Flight is a novel idea to help keep you organized, and now, we can  offer a custom shaped and custom configured  Black Board Beer Flight at a very reasonable cost compared to other manufacturers. The Black Board Beer Flight can be produced as a through hole design,  a recessed hole design, or a keyhole design. The black board finish can also be used as a section of the beer flight so that the remaining area can be set up with designs, logos or messages. A variety of shapes can be ordered at once to create individuality in the service.  To acquire a quotation for your specific requirement, please click on the inquiry button below and send us an email with your described shape, quantity and configuration, or simple to request that a member of our sales team contact you to discuss the various options.   Send Inquiry
  • Custom Shaped Beer Flights

    Create Your Own Specialty Beer Flight With Indents, Or Through Holes

    There are many options for serving beer to the table of your patrons.  Recently, it has become very popular to be able to sample a variety of beer flavours all at once, so establishments have turned to beer flights.  This craze has grown in popularity, especially over the last couple years.  The idea of receiving an assortment of beer types appeals to people who often just want to try the various type that you have on tap, eventually finding their favourite and turning to that flavour for the rest of the night.  This is a great opportunity.  Custom Shaped Beer Flights present, not only the variety of beer types, but bring forward your establishment theme.  often Custom Shaped Beer Flights will create conversation, at they can represent your logo or message, a firetruck. a car shape, football, baseball, a hockey theme, or just about anything.  And they are not crazy expensive.  As we produce everything in house, your cost is considerably cheaper on a custom flight than from other sources.  Simply  click on the inquiry button on the menu at the top of this page and send us a simple email with your request, or from someone from our order department to contact you to discuss the options.  There is no obligation by inquiring, and nothing gets produced until you approve it.  Custom Shaped Beer Flights will help make a statement, and will enhance your presentation.   Send Inquiry