Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass

//Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass

Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass

Napa Country Goblet

10-1/4 ounce, a combination wine glass

The Napa Country Goblet has been a favourite choice and is our top selling Combination Wine Glass. Combination stemware allows for the use of red and white to be served using the same glass. Artistically crafted to release the full potential of wine, this glass boasts a round shape and traditional design that is sure to impress guests at your restaurant, bar, or catered event. The sleek, curved lines of the bowl serve as a unique contrast to the stem’s faceted, crystal-cut look, giving this Napa Country glass a look of its own. Its versatile shape is also great for other beverages, like cognac or even water.


Product code: 8756

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Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass

8-1/2 ounce, versatile wine glass

Just like the larger version, the Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass is a very versatile wine glass. For this reason used for a variety of selections from the wine world.  Whether it is Red wine, or white wine, or even a bubbly wine like champagne can be served in this combination style wine glass. The Nuance Small Combi Wine also makes a good vehicle for carrying a logo or message.  This piece is selected for open houses, or weddings, reunions, and many other special events where a souvenir or advertising specialty  applications are required.

Print with a colour or take a more subtle approach and use an etch colour instead. Wraps are available in a variety of colours. Either way, the enhancement of a custom print on the Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass brings your message to the forefront! Above all, this shows all that your proud of your product and you are not afraid to show it.  Don’t leave this great form of marketing to the big guys only.  We’ve made smaller quantities available and affordable.  Send in your requests for a quote from our sales department.

The Nuance Small Combi Wine Glass 3″ inches in diameter and 7-1/8″ tall. It can be decorated with approximately a 2″ X 1-1/2″ area