Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard

//Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard

Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard

Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard

Blackboard clipboard with multiple uses.


With its many uses, the Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard has style and is a great utility piece.  This clipboard is a must for patios and busy establishments where servers move quickly through the establishment and control over bills and receipts is a must.  The blackboard works excellent for indicating reserved status or for displaying the name of a guest or group.  The Retro design works in a variety of decors and the board can be sized and shaped however you may want it .  It can be custom colourized and can have a full colour image or a lasered image, helping to enhance the look and make it specific to your establishment.  They can be ordered in small quantities but you will want enough to cover the seating.  We have even numbered the boards to match the table locations for situations where it is important to know where the money is coming from.  Perhaps make various colours to indicate the servers section when the clipboards are turned in.  Just another way to stay organized.

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Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard

Put retro style into the most important part of your service

One of the most important parts of an experience in dining is the closing.  the Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard helps to put a close to a perfect meal and an enjoyable experience.  The retro clipboard can be finished in a variety or wood materials and can contain a blackboard which can be used for a variety of applications.  Use the blackboard to indicate a reserved table, or indicate the name of a guest.  The clip is a must for patios where wind can not only take out the tip, it can loose the whole sale if left unattended. The retro style can be embellished with full colour printing, layering and even an embedded aluminum appliqué.  These boards are a standard 4″ X 6″ size but can be sized to just about anything that you may want.  The Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard  can also be custom shaped so you can personalize the Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard to suit your needs and match your decor. It can be created in any colour and all at prices very close to the standard price.  Submit your request for a virtual sample to see what your Mini Receipt Retro Clipboard can look like prior to production. These clipboards can be made full size for menus as well


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