Custom Wood Menu Boards

/Custom Wood Menu Boards

Custom Wood Menu Boards

A variety of colours shapes and sizes.

Great presentations can make a dining experience memorable. These boards can be used as a standard menu board in a simple rectangular shape and colour, or can be customized.  A custom colour and shape puts individuality to your presentation.  Your customers will remember all of the elements that make up their overall experience. Create that image by starting off with the presentation of your menu.


Custom Wood Menu Boards

Specialty shapes, sizes and colours

Whether it is a standard blank wood menu board or a custom coloured, sized and shaped board, presentation is everything.  Use these boards to set up specialty drinks, desserts, coffee, martini’s or just about any segment or your service. The custom wood menu boards can be made to just about any size and shape at a similar price to standard shaped boards.  The boards can have a logo front or back, applied by either a laser, 3-D carved into the surface, or a fill colour custom shaped aluminum panel can be inset into the surface.  The aluminum panel can me imaged with a full colour logo, text or message.




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