Blue Menu Board

/Blue Menu Board

Blue Menu Board

Blue Menu Board

Made Of Natural Oak & Colourized blue

We manufacture a full spectrum of colourized Natural Oak Menu Boards either blank or complete with Aluminum insert that can be imaged right up  to full colour.  Boards can be used as blank boards, and also be decorated with laser imaging, or wood carving on the header or on the back face.


Blue Menu Board

Made Of Natural Oak & Colourized Blue

A Blue Menu Board can make an impression on the overall experience.  Nowadays, successful  restaurants have segmented their service to create individual layers of service for the patrons experience.  Rather than present a large menu making the whole selection process difficult, the various segments are presented individually.  Appetizers, then main courses, followed by desserts.  Some restaurants specialize in various areas such as salads, coffees teas, perhaps a pie menu, or a series of drinks like martinis, beers, whiskey.  Our colourized menu boards can be custom shaped and logoed, with inset full colour aluminum inserts, lasered logos,are even deep carved logos, titles or text.  This version, the Blue Menu Board, is featured as a seafood board.  The menu boards can be fit with rubber bands, or clips that allow for quick changing the menus for daily specials or selections.  The Oak is finished with a lacquered coating offering durability and functional serviceability.


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